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If you are looking to make a living, or simply have an extra income  stream, we are what you are looking for. We offer a warm working environment, with lots of flexibility to do things the way you feel more comfortable. If you are willing to share a smile with our clients, we want you on our team!
Fill out the form in the link below, and if you meet the minimum requirements, we will get back to you shortly with what comes next.

The Rates detailed below are valid for bond cleaning services. Your rate may vary depending on the services, if you have doubts about the rate of a specific service, discuss it with our Commercial Cleaning Manager before accepting a job.


Starting rate:                    $25ph

After a couple of jobs with good feedback from clients:       $27ph

After several jobs with good feedback from clients:       $28ph


* Rates will go up gradually and you will be advise of this as soon as we make a decision of raising the hourly rate.

**Service fees are based on premises and properties’ configurations and client’s requirements. Each service fee will be previously agreed between Relax! We Clean and the Contractor. Service Fee will not be hourly based, although hours may be used to calculate the contract amount

  • Smile and greet gently.
  • Constantly ask for feedback from the client.
  • Inform the company every time you receive feedback, both negative and positive.
  • Coordinate changes in date / time of upcoming services, either for your own or customer’s reasons, and inform us.
  • Keep the client informed every time:

Your service is near, You are late, There is something unusual, You have damaged something

The insurance of the company cannot cover you for damages you cause. As a sole trader, you have the obligation to be insured against damages that you may cause (Public and Products Liability Insurance). A Public and products liability Insurance protects your business against claims for accidental damage or injury caused to an individual or their property as a result of your work. You can get your insurance for as little as $10 per week, and paid monthly while you need it. Here is a link to one good option where the excess is only $250 in case of an event, but of course there are many other options out there:

In the event of an incident, you must inform the client immediately. Depending on the damage caused and the way you communicate this to the client, the client is likely to thank you for honesty, and not make you pay for the damage. It is even possible to generate a bond of trust in these situations. Avoid damages, work concentrated, ALWAYS keep the chemicals in your respective work bucket. In the event that a client asks you to pay for a damage caused by you, you should consult your insurance broker (Public Liability Insurance) how to proceed, depending on the type of damage. You must also report this situation to the company immediately.

Public holidays:

According to our experience, it is unlikely for the client to want to pay more

on Public Holidays, but there are some occasions where they need the service

urgently and a surcharge can apply (please notify us). Working on a public holiday

is voluntary, we only ask you to coordinate and reach an agreement in advance with

the client so that the client’s experience is positive. We suggest trying to

move the service to a nearby day, according to the convenience of the client

and yours.


Leave period: If

you schedule a leave period, you must coordinate with your clients the dates

with due anticipation, ensuring that the client is not affected by a

“surprise”. This coordination must be done PREVIOUSLY with the

company to see the options that can be offered to the client, for example,

skipping a service or sending them a qualified replacement. In case of sending

a replacement, it is essential that the contractor who replaces you, is

instructed by you in relation to the particularities of the property and the


Cease the provision of services: Notify the company as far in advance as possible, and the

company commits to making the change without affecting your last services. This

notice must be made with at least 4 weeks in advance. We will send you a template

to fill in with info on your services. Please take into consideration that on

your last service of each client, you will carry out the service with your replacement,

so this will take half the time. It will be your responsibility to instruct the

new cleaner on the special needs of each service. 


You must notify the company prior to notifying the client,

as we have a special way of notifying the client with solutions and options to

this issue.